Visitation in Homes and Hospitals

Hospital Visits and Visits to Local Lifecare Facilities

Visitation at home or in hospital is an important part of our pastoral care. For reasons of confidentiality, hospitals sometimes do not provide lists of patients in their care to people outside of the professional healthcare system.  Additionally, there are 4  major hospitals and several other acute care facilities in Hamilton and it is not possible for us to visit each hospital on a regular basis. It is vitally important, therefore, that if you are going to be in the hospital for a period of time that you or your family advise us.  If  you or your loved one  is open to a pastoral visit by the parish priest, please request a visit. This can be done through our office by phone or email or through the CONTACT US area of our website.

Maintaining confidentiality is important to us. We are happy to include the names of sick persons in our public prayers at mass, with the consent of the sick person.
Communion to Shut In Members of our Parish
Holy Communion can be brought to members of the parish community who are not able to leave their homes. Generally, this ministry is carried out by the priest or by trained and mandated Ministers of Communion to the Sick in the Diocese of Hamilton. In some cases, close family members may bring communion to a sick member of their family on a temporary basis, with the approval of the pastor. The same qualifications as for Eucharistic Ministers apply.  All Ministers of the Eucharist to the Sick are required to receive appropriate instruction prior to bringing communion and must follow procedures in place for the proper and dignified exercise of this ministry. Arrangements to bring communion to relatives by a family member must be made at least one week  in advance so that appropriate training and preparation may occur.
Prior to receiving communion in the home, the sick person will be visited by the parish priest who will assess the need and offer the Sacrament of Reconciliation and Anointing of the Sick to the person who is elderly or shut in, as needed.  If you know of someone who is homebound, please let us know so we can arrange appropriate pastoral and sacramental care.