Formed Online Faith Formation

We want to share a great tool to build a holy habit into your life that will give nourishment to your soul every day. That tool is FORMED. Formed is an amazing website with something for all ages: movies, video studies, an audio bible, audiobooks, testimonies and other inspiring talks and ebooks. There are reflections on the upcoming Sunday scriptural readings that will provide you with food for thought.  And FORMED has an app so that you can have spiritual food available with just one click, anytime and anywhere.

Formed can be used by individuals or can be used as a basis for some group faith sharing and discussion between family members, parishioners or with other friends. It will help you to understand your faith better and to rediscover (or perhaps discover for the first time) the genius of Catholic Christianity.

Throughout Lent 2018 we will be offering some guided content to help you focus on Reconciliation and Lent. This will help you be prepared for Easter in a new and exciting way. Why not cut out some mindless TV watching during Lent and turn to something that will nourish your faith and your understanding of Catholicism? The guided content can be found by clicking on the COMMUNITY tab at the top of the site or by clicking on this link (registered users  will need to login using your email and password if you use this link): Community Guided Content

To get started, all you need to do is click on the Register Now button below, which will take you to the sign up page. All you need to do is enter the details, provide a password and you are all set! Be careful to write down your password for you will need to remember it to log into the site later on.

Take some time to look over the site but don't get overwhelmed by the content. We will guide you through a course of study that will help the whole parish grow together in faith! Happy surfing!