Catholic Women’s League


The Catholic Women’s League of Canada which is a national organization, rooted in Gospel values, calling its members to holiness through service to the people of God. Membership is based on a parish unit (council) with representatives on Diocesan, Provincial and National councils and Regional councils where applicable. Catholic women 16 years of age and over may be members, and many of the women in our parish are members of the League.

The top priority of the Spiritual Development program at all levels of the League is to foster and advance the spiritual growth of the members of the League. The League exists to achieve individual and collective spiritual development, to promote the teaching of the Catholic Church, to exemplify the Christian ideal in home and family life, to protect the sanctity of human life, to enhance the role of women in the Church and society and much more. These goals are achieved through various standing committees. For further information about the CWL consult the Diocesan website at  Hamilton Diocesan Council CWL or the Provincial website at Ontario Provincial Council CWL or the National Council CWL at National Council CWL

Members pay an annual membership. This organization is widely respected as a strong voice for women with governments on the provincial and national level. We encourage women from the parish to join even if they are unable to attend meetings regularly.


– June 2018-

Hello beautiful sisters of our CWL Council here at Our Lady of the Assumption Church! Here are a few highlights of the month of June!

Father Dave:

We wish Father Dave Wilhelm every blessing as he starts his new Chaplaincy at The Sisters Adorers of Precious Blood.  I believe Father was truly touched and thankful for all the good wishes at each reception after all the masses!  We sent him off with hundreds of rosaries!    Thank you to all who sent their prayers and good wishes and for all who were able to attend.  A special thank you to all who assisted with the receptions and a couple of extra special thank you’s to Angela Canci for the incredible baking and Marcris for the Prayer Binder and plaque!

Father David:

We welcome our new Father David Reitzel as he starts his new role as our Pastor! I had the opportunity to speak with the new Father David and am looking forward to his time here!

Annual Garage and Bake Sale:

Was held  June 23-24, and what a fantastic event it was!  A rainy weekend but the sun was shining inside!  What a great turn out & reward!  Donations came in all week and were beautifully displayed by the wonderful set up team of Maricris, Cleda, Jo J, Angela C,  Ann Martin, Gail s & Ursel B!    Thank you to all who volunteered during the event:  Mary Mojeski, Corrie S., Deni, Anna Maria, Ursel B., Angela L., Anglea C., Lori B., Diane A., Sarah, and Josh!

The new rules pertaining to food safety and handling as per the Department of Public Health did not hamper our bakers’ spirits with wonderful goodies coming in all weekend.

The committee of new comer Maricris and veteran ladies Cleda and Jo Jackson did an outstanding job and thank everyone for their support and donations!

Focus on Homelessness:

Supporting our national CWL focus as well as Pope Francis’ direction, our CWL has created a Homelessness Committee. A big thank you to Roger Boyd of Hamilton Homeless Men’s Ministry & Sue Carr of the 5-4-1 Eatery for attending our June 26th General Meeting! A very informative talk on what is happening in our city and how we can help! A committee has been formed – and welcomes all volunteers to see how we can help!

Franca Toscani & Lori Cefaloni are spearheading this great cause and will have a meeting in August for a fall drive!  If you would like to be a part please email us as !

We do have hampers at both doors of the Church for any much appreciated donations for the Men’s Ministries :

  1. New or gently used Men’s clothing with a special focus on winter clothing (gloves, scarves, hats), socks,
  2. Men’s hygiene products
  3. Gift cards for food products at Costco, Walmart, No Frills, Bulk Barn, Gas cards

We also suggest you enjoy a meal at the 5-4-1 Eatery and help support their initiative!

A heartfelt thank you to Franca & Lori !

Look for more news in August!

Annual CWL Raffle:

Our prizes this year are:

  • Flat Screen TV                      
  • BBQ                
  • Google Home             
  • Wine Basket

Tickets will be available at the Annual Parish Picnic July 15th and will be available until our Christmas Marketplace, where the draw will take place.  Again this year we ask for your support to help with the sale and purchase of these tickets.  We encourage everyone to take 5 books of tickets ($5.00 for a book of 3 tickets – or $2.00 each) to sell to your family and friends.  You can reply to this email to order your tickets and they will be prepared for your pick-up after Mass.

2018 General Meeting Dates:

  • Saturday, September 15, at 1:00 p.m. (A new time to keep us on our toes!)
  • Tuesday, December 11 at 7:30 p.m. (2019 Budget Setting, Donation Approval and Christmas Social)

September 15th General Meeting (Save the date):
We are very excited to have a dynamic guest speaker for this meeting.  This meeting will be held on a Saturday afternoon, September 15th at 1:00 pm. Our guest speaker, Joanne Goodwin, will be hosting a lively discussion about living with Mental Health.  Joanne, an ordained Orthodox Minster, shares her lived-experience in an engaging and light-hearted manner.  Joanne travels extensively to share her story with churches and community groups.  Please mark this day on your calendar! The excitement of back to school and many new beginnings this is a very timely presentation!  All are welcome !  Please join us and bring a friend!

Annual Christmas Marketplace:

Our annual Christmas Marketplace will take place November 10th & 11th.  Stay tuned for more information to follow.

We have received very positive feedback on our newsletters, so we plan to continue to use this vehicle to keep you informed and updated.  Should you want more information or wish to volunteer/participate in any of these events, please contact me.

I find myself marveling at all of you wonderful women.  A need opens and you fill it with grace and a smile.  May God Bless you and keep you and yours safe this summer!


Ann Mason

CWL President


 -March 2018-

Our parish installed a new executive for the two year term 2018-2020.  The executive is a good mix of previous and new executives.  This blend provides a wealth of experience in addition to new energy.  Truly a magnificent marriage of knowledge, youth, passion and commitment, offering something for women of all ages!  We are now positioned well to help the National CWL celebrate its 100thAnniversary in 2020 and are looking forward to this Milestone.

CWL events will be advertised in the church bulletin.  All women are encouraged to join our vibrant council.  New members are always encouraged and welcome.  Memberships ($20.00 for 2018 and $25.00 for 2019) can be brought to any General Council meeting or can be put in an envelope (Mark envelopes “2018 Membership” including your name, address, phone number, email address and indicate if you were a CWL member at any other parish) and put the envelope into any of the weekend offering baskets at Mass.

If you have any questions related to the CWL or want confirmation on the status/length of your membership please contact our parish.  Alternately you can email the CWL executive directly at

Hello faithful members of our CWL Council here at Our Lady of the Assumption Church. As your newly elected parish CWL president for the next two years, I look forward to getting to know you and to working with you in Christ. Our plans and goals, as an Executive, are to expand our Sisterhood and to extend our reach to our community particularly our youth and young families. The wealth of knowledge and commitment from the women of the existing CWL is expansive and to be admired. We look forward to bridging traditions and developing new paths with everyone. We are so blessed to have an amazing group of women in our Executive.

2018-2020 Executive

Ann Mason President

Patricia Mosca Secretary

Anglea Canci Membership & Past President

Lori Bell Treasurer

Cleda Yachetti Legislation & Resolution

Marci Shea Perry Communication

Maricris Cubacub Education & Health

Emily Mason Community

Angela Lultschik Christian Family Life

We now have our own CWL parish email account -( so please add this to your safe email contacts to ensure that you continue to receive our emails.

We have a number of exciting events coming up and graciously request your ongoing help and support. Our Council has always been very active and involved within our parish. We look forward to your continued energy and commitment.

In order to ensure that our CWL General Meetings are engaging and worthy of your time commitment, it is our intent to have monthly Executive Meetings, where the grunt work is borne by our Executive. General Meetings will be called quarterly. Everyone will be invited to attend those General Meetings, where the Executive will share the highlights of their Executive Meetings and seek volunteers to help with our various events (ie: Annual Garage and Bake Sale as well as our Christmas Marketplace). Each General Meeting will also include a special event such as a speaker or social. It is hopeful that this new format will be more efficient and encouraging and will provide our membership with time for social and spiritual networking.

2018 General Meeting Dates

Tuesday, May 8, at 7:30 p.m.
Tuesday, June 26, at 7:30 p.m. (last meeting before summer break)
Saturday, September 15, at 1:00 p.m. (testing new time and date to see if this format is more conducive for attendance)
Tuesday, December 11 at 7:30 p.m. (2019 Budget Setting, Donation Approval and Christmas Social)

Focus on Homelessness

Supporting our national CWL focus as well as Pope Francis’ direction, our CWL will be heading a Homelessness Committee. You will hear more about this initiative later, as the committee sets it direction and determines what our parish and our CWL Council can do to help those facing food and housing insecurities in our community. No child should go to bed hungry.

Annual CWL Raffle

Our CWL Council will, again this year, hold a raffle. There will be a number of exciting prizes. Ticket sales will start at our June Garage and Bake Sale and will be available until our Christmas Marketplace, where the draw will take place. Again this year we ask for your support to help with the sale and purchase of these tickets. We encourage everyone to take 5 books of tickets to sell to your family and friends. You can order your tickets through this email account, and you will be advised when they are ready for your pickup.

Annual Christmas Marketplace

Our annual Christmas Marketplace will take place in November. Stay tuned for more information to follow.