Knowing Your Faith is Loving Your Faith

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We recently introduced to our parish community Formed, which is an online Catholic resource for understanding your faith better. Formed is relevant for our time because many of the topics deal with contemporary issues of faith. These topics assist Catholics engage people in a healthy and effective evangelization.

Evangelization begins with the prayerful renewal of our faith. Many of us have an understanding of our faith that comes from our time in Catholic schools. Formed is a contemporary presentation of many aspects of the Catholic faith . Formed is probably the best current online faith formation program for this purpose. It is sponsored by the Augustine Faith Institute.

There are components on Formed for adults, youth and children. There is content that will help you reflect upon and get more out of the Sunday readings each week. There are ebooks, videos, talks and presentations from renowned, respected and effective leaders in Catholic evangelization today. There is something for everyone.

In order to get people engaged, we are offering a subscription to Formed free of charge. All you need to get started is to register through our parish website. To do that we have made it extremely easy. Click the link below and follow the simple directions to subscribe easily and without having to enter an access code.

How to Register for Formed

Formed does not work well with the Microsoft Edge Browser. We recommend Chrome or Internet Explorer 11.

Please do not register using the Formed website, please use the link at the end of this blog for easy access to Formed.

Scroll down the page the link to which the link takes you and find the banner with the REGISTER NOW button in the middle and click on the button. Fill in the information required and create a password (you will need to make a note of your user name and password to log back into the site). Once on the site, you will see a customised link to Formed for Our Lady of the Assumption Parish on the upper right corner of the page. We  highly recommend that you click on the Our Lady of the Assumption link once you are on the site for some guided content. This content will change periodically to help guide the parish toward a common goal – to understand our faith better at a relevant time and for a good pastoral and spiritual purpose. We hope many will take advantage of this opportunity to know and enjoy your faith better.

After your register, you will access Formed directly through the website, using your User Name and Password.

Don’t be afraid to tell others about your experience of Formed. It is what evangelization is all about! Registration Link for Formed