Having a Good Religious Argument

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Having a good religious argument is at the heart of the process of evangelization today. In order to have a meaningful dialogue about religion, we need to know how to reason well.

Occasionally on the internet and other forms of social media, I come across something that “hits the mark.” Recently, I came across a presentation made by Bishop Robert Barron from Word on Fire Ministries, to the employees at Facebook. Bishop Barron has been involved in the forum of public discourse on religion for many years through the internet. He is well spoken, articulate and often right on the mark. This is, I believe, one of those occasions.

The presentation is somewhat academic, but it does touch on some key themes that make  good sense. Be prepared, as it is a 43 minute presentation, so it takes a commitment of some precious time.  It is captivating, however, and I thought that some may be interested. So here it is: How to Have a Religious Argument

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


One of the most effective evangelizers in the Catholic faith today is Bishop Robert Barron of Word on Fire Ministries. He is very good at answering questions that those who are of other faith traditions may have concerning the Catholic faith. Word on Fire can be found here: Word on Fire