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We welcome Fr. Scott Whitfield to Our Lady of the Assumption Parish.

Father Whitfield served as a minister of the Anglican Church of Canada. He was able to receive Holy Orders within the Catholic Church, through the pastoral initiative of St. John Paul II. This initiative was designed to welcome Anglican priests and allow them to continue their ministries through ordination as a Catholic priest. Father Whitfield is married to Biserka (Bea) and they have a daughter, Helena.

Prior to entering Christian ministry in the Anglican Church, Fr. Whitfield worked briefly in journalism and corporate communications. For a time, he worked in the political sphere in Ottawa. Fr. Whitfield has most recently served as associate priest at St. Thomas the Apostle Parish in Waterdown, ON. Fr. Whitfield will begin his ministry here on July 18, 2017.

Fr. Whitfield and his family live in Hamilton.

Establishment of St. Catherine of Siena Parish and New Parish Boundaries

Bishop Crosby has established a new parish on Hamilton Mountain which will be an incorporation of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish and Corpus Christi Parish. The new parish will be established on June 28, 2017.

This new parish will border our parish to the west and this means a change on the western boundary for Our Lady of the Assumption Parish. Effective June 28, 2017 at 12:00 noon, our western boundary will change from Miles Road (South of Rymal to Trinity Church Road and South to Haldimand County Line). Generally, anyone with residence west of Trinity Church Road and the New Red Hill Valley Extension will be directed to the new St. Catherine of Siena Parish for the celebration of sacraments and other pastoral care.

Until a new church is built on Rymal Rd and Upper Sherman, pastoral care for the new parish will be managed from the existing Our Lady of Lourdes and Corpus Christi Churches.

For those with residence in the new parish (St. Catherine of Siena) boundaries, they are as follows:

North Boundary: Lincoln Alexander Parkway

West Bouundary: West 5th Street

East Boundary Upper Gage Avenue to Trinity Church Road

South Boundary : Haldimand County Line

The new boundaries for Our Lady of the Assumption Parish will be:

North Boundary: Mountain Brow

West Boundary: Redhill Valley Extension and East side of Trinity Church Road

East Boundary: Hamilton- Wentworth County Line

South Boundary: Haldimand County Line.

This change has affected the boundaries of all the mountain parishes. The new boundaries for all the mountain parishes are posted on the bulletin boards. Until the new church, planned for the area of Rymal Road and Upper Sherman is built, sacraments and pastoral care will be provided by the new pastor, Fr. Mark Gatto, and his associate out of Our Lady of Lourdes and Corpus Christi.

Although we would highly encourage all parishioners in the new parish boundaries to attend and seek sacraments and pastoral care in that parish, existing parishioners already registered here may continue attending this parish.. Those not registered or those without a clear connection with this parish, will be asked to approach the pastor of the new parish for sacramental celebrations and pastoral care, effective June 28, 2017.

We wish God’s blessing on the new parish of St. Catherine of Siena and pray for a smooth transition for all those who will comprise the new parish.

For the full text of the Letter of Decree see this link New Parish Boundaries, June 2017

Welcome to Lucy and Gavin Chen

We recently welcomed two lovely members of one family (Lucy and Gavin) to Canada. Their country of origin is China, but they fled to Thailand where they lived for several years. We have settled them in a lovely apartment and, although Gavin speaks English very well, we are assisting him and his mother to learn English. Members of the committee are helping them to understand the Canadian system and become familiar with things that we often take for granted: our educational system, health care system, system of government, citizenship etc.

Our community is most grateful to the our Sponsorship Committee, with the support of our Diocesan Immigration Office, who continue to do an excellent job helping Lucy and Gavin! They are a group of extremely committed, loving and caring persons who look out for Lucy and Gavin’s well being and successful integration into Canada.

Lucy and Gavin remain so very, very grateful to our parishioners for their support, generosity, kindness and help. Well done!

Slowing Down for the Summer

Recently we celebrated ten First Communion celebrations in the Easter Season. We just finished six celebrations of the Sacrament of Confirmation. All of our young people seemed excited in joyful to share in these incredible sacraments of initiation. Please note that certificates for these sacraments will be available for pickup over the summer months.

In addition, we have celebrated our year end Masses of Thanksgiving with each of our five elementary schools.  Furthermore, in these celebrations we honoured our Blessed Mother. We sought her prayers and protection for all staff and students in our parochial schools throughout the coming months.

While elementary students are finishing up their studies, students at Bishop Ryan High School are writing their exams this week . We offer our prayers, as well, for a safe and joyful summer! We recently celebrated a year end mass in the high school and a Graduation Mass in our church for those moving on. Congratulations and best wishes to all who are graduating from high school this year.

Furthermore, as June continues to fly by, our hectic pastoral activity is beginning to wind down slightly. September will be here soon enough. For now, we are all looking forward to summer vacation!

Moving Forward

As I write this, Our Lady of the Assumption School is currently being rebuilt on a new site on Fletcher Road. It is forming nicely and the current plan is to move to the new location in 2018. Furthermore, an additional school is planned in Binbrook to take pressure off the ever-increasing population at St. Matthew School. The new school, yet to be named,  is scheduled to be completed in 2019.

Additionally, the City of Hamilton is holding public consultation meetings on land use within the Secondary Plan of Development for Elfrida. These are exciting times for the City and for our parish community.  We anticipate much high density growth in this area of Hamilton within the next few years.

As is typical of the nicer months, wedding season is well underway here at Our Lady of the Assumption Parish. It is always a joy to meet with couples and help them prepare for marriage. They always look forward to their marriage with joy, hope and enthusiasm. It is always a pleasure to walk with them during this joyful time in their lives.

Baptisms continue with an average of 16 baptisms per month at Our Lady of the Assumption. We are becoming a much younger parish with the addition of new families.

Some Exciting Events are In the Works

Over the summer months, much pastoral planning takes place. We are preparing for REBOOT! in the fall. This inspiring session is designed to assist parishioners to rediscover the richness of the parish community and to find new enthusiasm in the joy of faith.

We are also planning Scripture Study of the Gospel of St. Matthew. This is the next installment of a series of scripture study sessions we have held her over the past two years. The sessions are well received, well attended, and all the participants rave about what they learn through these video and discussion based sessions. Keep your eye on our bulletin (also available on this website) for more information.

Most noteworthy,  we are excited about our ARCHANGELS YOUTH GROUP which is in the early stages of formation. This group for children in Grades 4, 5 and 6 meets in our hall every third Wednesday of the month. Registration is required and forms are available in the main entrance of the church.

Currently we are booking appointments for the taking of portraits for our Parish Photo Directory during the 65th Anniversary of our Parish. We want to involve as many people as possible in the project so please participate. All those who participate will receive a free directory and a free 8 x 10 portrait!

In addition, in the fall we are hoping to develop a more formal and intense catechesis program for children, particularly those who are in grade three or higher and have missed sacraments of initiation. Look for developments in this very important component of modern pastoral life.

A Simple Thank You

In conclusion, let me offer a simple but heartfelt thank you to the many people who help our parish to be the vibrant community it is. Many, many volunteers work tirelessly to help promote growth in community, spirituality, faith and pastoral care. We all appreciate this generous service to our faith community and we invite everyone to do what they can to continue to ensure that the people of our parish are well served!


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