New Website

Thanks for visiting our new web site

This new web site is happily presented to you we hope you will enjoy the new look. There is a lot packed into this simple site. Take some time and check out each of the tabs and see what it is all about. We hope you will discover something new every time you join us on this site. We will keep adding and improving, so come back often.

Some interesting things to discover

First of all, there are a couple of things worth looking at on this new web site.  The Catholic Updates tab will enable you to read Catholic Updates about various topics that will be added  on a regular basis. We have tried to organize them by generic topics for quick reference. These updates will coincide with the Liturgical seasons and with the celebration of sacraments and other events in our parish. They may also address relevant moral topics or matters of social justice.

Many questions that people have about the sacraments, and various forms of volunteer ministry, among other information is available on this new web site. We have also included the most commonly used online  printable forms to make it easier for people to integrate into the parish.

Additionally, our parish bulletin will continue to be published each week on this new web site. We keep four copies on the web site so if you need to go back to reference something you can do that.

Of course, we have provided the most frequently referenced information like our mass and reconciliation times and our contact information in a place on this new web site that is quickly accessible, so that visitors can obtain this information quickly and easily. We have added directions and supplied a Google Map, to help visitors find the parish easily.

Finally, along with these changes, you may have noticed that there is no longer a Hot Topics tab or Bulletin Board tab. These issues will be dealt with in this blog as they arise, providing new content on a regular basis.

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